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posted at 12:33am in |by Jay Allen

THE INfluence Board - a New Model for Charitable Giving


THE INfluence Board is a new way to monetize executive influence for charity. Executives are able to increase the frequency and scale of their charitable giving by simply putting an hour of their time up for auction each month. Vendors bid for that time, and funds raised go to the executive’s charity of choice.

Philanthropic Giving Platform

Executives can donate time for auction as often as they like, and may choose any qualified, registered charitable organization (501.c.3) to receive the funds raised through the auction for their time.

THE INfluence Board accepts the winning bids from the vendors, and disburses the funds to the charity upon completion of the meeting between the vendor and executive. 

Compete with friends and colleagues to see who can elicit the highest single bid, or the highest cumulative donations for charity!

Vendor Deflection

Vendor requests for an executive’s time almost always exceed their ability to respond.  Rather than ignoring them or just telling them “no”, you can now tell them to register for notifications on your future availability which is auctioned for charity. 

All the vendors leave feeling engaged rather than dismissed – and the executive builds an ever expanding network of people who are willing to support their philanthropic giving efforts.

Vendor Database

By deflecting undesired vendor contacts to THE INfluence Board, the vendors will document key information about who they are, what company they are with, how to reach them, what products and services they provide, and the reasons for their meeting request.  All this information is available to the executive through their Executive Dashboard on THE INfluence Board to access as business needs arise.  It becomes a “personalized” vendor database for each executive, and an asset that they have not had access to in the past (no Executive Admin wants to capture this information for every vendor that contacts them).  The executive can also direct communications out to the vendor list if specialized needs arise, or they are planning a special fund raising campaign.


Jay Allen

CEO, THE INfluence Board

w: 720-981-3570

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