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Building and managing one of the largest and most prestigious networks of ColdCalling3influential leaders over a decade and a half gave founder Jay Allen special insight into executive challenges.  One specific area of concern for executives is the sheer volume of vendor solicitations they receive on a daily basis.  Even though the executive might have interest in exposure to new ideas and new companies, the volume of requests for their time makes any hope of filtering the requests in an intelligent way and acting on relevant meetings virtually impossible.   



What the executives needed was a simple way to document who was calling them and what solutions they provide, then make a logical decision about who they need to meet – all without bombarding their administrative assistant with the responsibility and burden.  If they could accomplish all this while also raising money for their favorite charities, it would be a perfect system.



THE INfluence Board is a simple way for executives to document key information about who is selling into their organizations (building a resource database for them to access anytime), while also making blocks of their time available for meetings through an auction process.  The executives have enhanced visibility into details on the vendors who bid for their time, and can choose the ones they want to meet with – while helping fund their favorite charities.



Jay C. Allen


Jay Allen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Executives Network and CXO, private collaborative organizations with over 5,000 executive members from the major companies in the US and Europe. He has over 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, strategic advisor and executive manager.

Formerly, Jay served in various sales and business development roles for leading technology companies and was ranked by Colorado Company Magazine as one of the top networked executives in the region.

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